28 Years of United Photo Press Creative Artists Madeira Islands

International Exhibition + Book | 28 Years of UPP Creative Artists
Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz | 0 6 - 2 8 September 2019
Rua da Casa da Luz 2, Funchal - Madeira Islands

We present the “UNITED PHOTO PRESS | 28 YEARS OF CREATIVE ARTISTS”, international exhibition & creative artists book, that will inaugurate in September 2019 in Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz in the heart of the City of Funchal in Madeira Islands.

I begin by thanking our members throughout the world and the future members and guests who participated in our international exhibitions of photography, painting, sculpture, installation, etc..., our thanks and availability, imagination and interest in the United Photo Press over these 28 years.

Our special thanks go to The American Institute of Arts and the University of Queensland in Australia for their recognition in our contribution to spread the contemporary art in the world. The work of today is the certainty of tomorrow, because we are all artistically together without distinction of race, color or sex, which stimulates our dream in inspiration of feeling new formulas, new techniques, new materials, so that we grow together ...

Renewed art - progressively more active and innovative. An exercise of exchanges, sharing and complicity. Characters that recreate games of soul, colors of experiences, enchanted forms, dressed in lines or traces. Represented in multi-disciplinary spaces, parade of emotions, sensuality and transparency. Proposals from the conventional to new trends, sensitivity, ruptures and cleavages. Projects that have learned to have a voice at a crossroad of aesthetic-plastic concepts. Travel shared between the eyes and the mind, the hold of the breath when you feel who is watching us.

In attention, curiosity and interest in the sublime natural task of Creation.

Let's say, as a complement, an exercise in which, in the difference of the result, the effort, the time of investigation, and the anonymous but responsible humility of the one who simply creates because he cannot close ideas, and ideals in his chest are not visible. From their interchange results in the renewal necessary, continually upward and free, in a flight, in the imagination of time, in solitude and recollection, in an extreme care that never extinguishes, but is renewed in each new play, new project. This way we turn towards the future, diverse lines but not dispersed of the themes to the convictions in a colored mixture, where feelings and emotions move, construct and complement, fruit of the individual artistic expression.

UNITED PHOTO PRESS was elected in 2010 partner of the United Nations for International Year of Biodiversity.

The exhibition " UNITED PHOTO PRESS | 28 YEARS OF CREATIVE ARTISTS " will be presented at Electricity Museum - Casa da Luz from 0 6 to 2 8 September 2019 in the City of Funchal in Madeira Islands. Admission is free for all visitors.
The vernissage of the United Photo Press exhibition will be held on 0 6 September, Friday, at 6pm.

Carlos Alves de Sousa
President of United Photo Press



Detalhes do evento

06 Set. 2019 10:00 – 28 Set. 2019 20:00
Localização: Funchal, Museu de Eletricidade Casa da Luz, Funchal, Portugal
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